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Dear Friend,

You are part of a visionary group keeping alive the legacy and ideas of President Ronald Reagan. You are achieving this with your support of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

And… it’s why I’m asking you to send your 2014 Partnership Renewal Gift today . If you renewed your support when I sent your certificate via the US Postal Service, please consider another gift now to help us start 2014 strongly.

And if you have not yet sent your Partnership Renewal Gift, please do so today.

Washington D.C. doesn’t have the answers!

As we’ve seen during the past three months, the politicians in Washington D.C. don’t have the answers that America needs.

Ronald Reagan did have the answers and America needs to hear them now more than ever. More people are longing for the days when President Reagan led the nation through a dark, dangerous period. They are asking, “What did Ronald Reagan do that we aren’t doing today?”

That puts you and the Reagan Foundation in the spotlight.

We are the ONLY official national organization dedicated solely to preserving the legacy and principles of Ronald Reagan. We help fund the Reagan Presidential Library & Museum. In addition, we reach citizens across that nation with Ronald Reagan’s story and ideas. This includes young people. We offer online courses, scholarships, and widely-viewed forums on the history and future of America.

Americans are craving the truth. And we supply it.

We receive NO government funding. President Reagan wanted it that way when he founded this institution in 1989. He wanted a place where his conservative passion for limited government, freedom, American values, peace through strength, and other timeless principles would inspire more Americans.

Please continue to stand with us! Make your renewal gift now! With this already shaping up to be a momentous year, America urgently needs to learn about and act on President Reagan’s ideas.

For America,
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John D. Heubusch
Executive Director
Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
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